MDCall is the Right Choice

MDCall delivers up to 25% savings over traditional answering services and increases office productivity by as much as 40 person-hours per week.

MDCall, your Customized Call Management Solution


Offers a variety of benefits


Diverse clientele

Our clients range from single-practice physician offices to large medical groups and other areas of healthcare delivery, such as mobile diagnostics and home care.


Designed for You

MDCall works with its clients to develop an exact call flow process based on their specific workflow and protocols. Once in place, each inbound call is stepped through the established process and outbound notification sent out based on clinician preferences and schedules.


Fail-safe notifications

Every outbound page is logged. If you don’t respond within a specified amount of time, MDCall will automatically follow your call escalation protocols. The system intensifies its efforts to reach you by re-paging you, trying an alternate contact device, and even calling alternate personnel, if required. With such flexibility in notification management, you can rest assured that your patients will be protected


Calls are always answered on first ring

MDCall picks up all inbound calls on the first ring and never places callers on hold. It walks callers through the call process you have determined in the same way every time. Based on your instructions, it always makes the right decision – never sending a routine call as an emergency, for example. Every call is resolved correctly with proper delivery of messages and subsequent notification.


Easily managed on-call schedules

Doctors can easily manage their on-call schedules as well as how and when they want to be contacted independent of the rest of the practice. They can change their settings right over the phone or via the web and have them go into effect immediately. Some may want patients connected automatically to their cell phone; others may prefer to have callers leave messages with notification sent to their device of choice.

Why Choose MDCall for your Secure Call Management


Productivity features

MDCall exists to not only to act as an answering service but also to make practitioners’ already busy lives easier. The MDCall system can be configured to provide productivity features such as voicemail-by-email, web-based on-call schedule management, and mobile messaging. Practitioners can forward stored voicemails to one another or send a single message to a distribution list.


Call logs kept indefinitely

MDCall keeps a record of all incoming messages over a time period determined by the client. All outbound call logs are kept indefinitely. Thus, at any point, you may request information on a particular call or ask for monthly call reports.

We are committed to providing the best possible service and customizability to our clients and potential clients

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MDCall is a service provided by IVR Technology Group

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