How MDCall Works

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How MDCall Works

MDCall is a HIPAA compliant call management automated answering service combining interactive voice response systems with integrated phone, Internet, and paging services.

We work with you to develop a precise call flow process, based on your existing workflow and protocols. Once in place, each inbound call is directed through the process landing with the right person every single time.

By accurately considering the origin and urgency of each call, how MDCall works is to determine which calls require a physician’s attention immediately and which can be queued for office staff for the following business day, based on your instructions. If the call is urgent, MDCall knows exactly where the physician is and how to contact him or her.

How MDCall Works: A Sample Call Flow

This sample call flow, highlights the steps taken and details associated with categorizing incoming messages.

Elements such as who originates the message, what device will be utilized, level of urgency, and the clinician’s schedule are all directives pushing each message through the appropriate pathway of communication.

MDCall acts as a Unified Messaging Application, an electronic organizer. Productivity features such as voicemail-by-email, web-based on-call schedule management, and mobile messaging help each clinician utilize their time efficiently.

You can start using our Call Management Solution, MDCall, with no initial upfront expenditures. We provide more services while charging you much less than traditional live operator answering services.

Our clients range from single-practice physician offices to large medical groups. Companies involved in the other areas of healthcare delivery, such as mobile diagnostics and home care, also add to MDCall’s diverse clientele.

Sick Patient calls practice office



MDCall answers on first ring



MDCall captures patient information



MDCall determines Doctor on call and capture point



MDCall pages Doctor



Doctor retrieves message and calls Patient


MDCall is a secure call management solution: HIPAA, FISMA, OCI, ISO 27002, NIST 800-53

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MDCall is a service provided by IVR Technology Group

IVR Tech builds highly secure voice and text applications that are delivered within a single user experience. We offer a flexible range of services from self-service to white-glove account handling. Because we’ve placed a heavy focus on compliance-based industries, all of our applications are hosted in a platinum-grade security environment.