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Voice and telephony solutions for the healthcare industry

About MDCall

About MDCallMDCall was founded in 1997 by a group of physicians in Buffalo, NY. Their desire was to leverage technology in an effort to drive cost-savings within their business operations. MDCall, Inc. is a telecommunications company that develops automated voice and telephony solutions for the healthcare industry.

Our clients throughout the United States range from single-practice physician offices to large medical groups. Companies involved in the other areas of healthcare delivery such as mobile diagnostics and home care also add to MDCall’s diverse clientele.

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We are committed to providing the best possible service and customizability to our clients and potential clients

MD Call offers the newest technologies in customized call coordination

MDCall’s Commitment

We strive to offer the newest technologies and options for our clients. MDCall is committed to maintaining the highest possible ethical and quality standards because lives depend on it.

All of our services are delivered via Tier 4 data centers located in Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY. MDCall also partners with telecommunication companies such as Level3 and Windstream to deliver high-uptime services. Since inception, MDCall has seen a steady increase in demand. Customized call coordination is the technology solution we offer each of our customers.

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MDCall is a service provided by IVR Technology Group

IVR Tech builds highly secure voice and text applications that are delivered within a single user experience. We offer a flexible range of services from self-service to white-glove account handling. Because we’ve placed a heavy focus on compliance-based industries, all of our applications are hosted in a platinum-grade security environment.