MDCall is a medical answering service and so much more. As an integral part of
IVR Technology Group
‘s Healthcare division, MDCall’s greatest function is the improvement of communication between clinician to appropriate physicians. MDCall delivers the right message to the right person at the right time.

Clients point out multiple benefits through the implementation of MDCall. Highlights from testimonials and customer surveys include a

  • reduction in call volume
  • messages are never lost
  • care coordination is improved through ease and accuracy

United Healthcare, one of IVR Technology Group’s dedicated MDCall subscribers, has seen a sizable reduction in the time it used to take a nursing home professional to reach a doctor. United Healthcare’s hospitals and nursing facilities alike have all benefitted from the efficiency and reliability of MDCall.

The conventional way of reaching an on-call doctor proved to be a waste of effort and time. The provider seeking to communicate with another provider has to sort through which doctor to reach, define the issue, determine how the doctor preferred to be contacted (phone, text, pager), and finally include key identifiers in each message so the doctor could reach the appropriate facility, refer to the correct patient, and speak to the specific nurse who reached out originally.

The frustration, unreliability, and time wasted using this cumbersome method led United Healthcare to consider MDCall. Since signing on, United Healthcare has launched MDCall in 30 different skilled nursing facilities in the upstate New York area. Each one of these nursing facilities is assigned their own dedicated number.

The system organizes all variables including the day, on-call schedule, level of urgency, etc. The nurse then selects “1” for emergency or “2” for routine. They leave their message and get back to their patients. MDCall recognizes the specific facility making the call and locates the appropriate doctor. An escalation procedure is followed automatically if the doctor does not return the call within the first ten minutes. The resulting benefits United Healthcare has seen through the use of MDCall are extensive. MDCall is half the price of a live operator call center and because human error is substantially decreased and all calls are recorded, providers no longer have to worry about liability security. With only one number to call, standardization of communication outreach makes the system easy for any clinician to learn and operate.

If you’re looking to reduce your internal call volume, ensure messages are never lost, and coordinate care more effectively and efficiently, take a deeper dive through MDCall.

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