Voice and mobile technologies to simplify patient to provider and nurse to physician communication

Complete Call Management with MDCall

Automatically Route Calls with Precision & Speed

How MDCall Works

MDCall accurately considers the origin and urgency of each call, determining the calls that require a physician’s attention immediately and which call can be queued for office staff for the following business day.

Physicians & Hospitals

Our clients range from single-practice physicians to large medical groups. Companies in the other areas of healthcare, such as mobile diagnostics and home care, also add to MDCall’s diverse clientele.

HIPAA Compliant

MDCall understands the gravity of keeping sensitive patient information secure. We maintain HIPAA compliance through authentication, firewalls, anti-virus software, intrusion detection systems, and encryption.

The MDCall Answer

MDCall is a robust call management service that delivers up to 25% savings over traditional answering services and increases office productivity by as much as 40 person-hours per week.

Benefits & Features

Improved Quality of Care

Messages are not sent through an operator or transcribed. The patient’s message is fully intact and heard by their doctor verbatim.

Customized Convenience

We work with physicians to develop an exact call flow process based on specific workflow and protocols. Outbound notifications are based on physician preferences.


Every outbound call is logged. 95% first ring answer. Follows the call escalation protocol if there is no response. Callers never put on hold.

Cost Effective

There are no initial upfront expenditures. We provide more services while charging you much less than traditional live operator answering services.

Decreased Errors

Calls are never misdirected accidentally because the Physician’s preferences are clearly mapped out in advance.

Increased Efficiency

MDCall picks up all inbound calls on the first ring and never places callers on hold. Callers are walked through the customized call process the same way every time.

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